The Big Cheese

Product Creator, Trendsetter, Innovator and Demonstrator

Anthony Mongiello’s ability for forecasting trends in the food industry and reacting with timely products, has won him headlines and international acclaim. As a perennial Gold Medal Winner in the Wisconsin Cheese Maker’s Association’s World Cheese Competition and WCMA’s United States Cheese Championship, Mongiello has more than earned his nickname, The Big Cheese.

Mongiello began creating food products when he was just a child – a “small cheese” if you will. The Big Cheese’s tradition of invention was humbly born in Brooklyn and has been handed down from his father and grandfather, who themselves were not cheesemakers, but inventors. His father, Angelo Mongiello, Sr., had been an avid designer, builder and patent holder for several food industry machines, including the first mozzarella-making machine in the history of the United States.

One of his dad’s projects was a food item. Anthony was there the day his father pitched his string cheese snack concept to Polly-O, which over the years has resulted in substantial revenues for that company and creating a sub-industry. Anthony soon discovered his own knack for innovative, outside-of-the-box concepts, but his were to be simple, revolutionary advances in food items.

At the age of eighteen Mongiello shocked the food industry, revolutionized the fast-food world and changed American pop culture when he was issued his first patent for a little thing called Stuffed Crust Pizza. The Big Cheese’s own pitch to Pizza Hut, for what would become their version of Stuffed Crust Pizza, has generated billions of dollars for that franchise.

Detouring from the family tradition of strictly invention, Anthony’s passion for food innovation led him to become a master cheesemaker – where he would create over 60 different food items which are sold in thousands of stores coast to coast, as well as internationally. These products have earned The Big Cheese over twelve prestigious domestic and international awards for flavor profiles, product innovation and packaging.

Another brainchild of Mongiello is a live radio cooking show called “Kings in the Kitchen”, currently heard in New York and Pennsylvania. This live cooking show has become a runaway hit….guiding the ‘kitchen-challenged’ to use line extensions to cook five-star, gourmet meals with minimal effort and little cost.

Anthony Mongiello’s ability to understand and even help guide the movement of products on store shelves, is a testament to the passion he has for giving consumers what they want: fulfillment, quality and originality. Whether its in international retail or club stores, the local grocery down the street, or a gourmet shop in New York City, the Big Cheese is bringing his passion for trendspotting, trendsetting, and innovation to new arenas of the consumer culture, including the internet, television, radio, food clubs and retail stores.

Anthony “The Big Cheese™” Mongiello, Pitchman for the Food Industry™, inventor of Stuffed Crust Pizza and other food products.


Each year we are the proud recipients of a number of prestigious industry awards ranging from flavor profile to packaging.
For 2013:
*World Dairy Expo*
Five awards including Two 1st place Gold Medals.

For 2011:
*United States Championship Cheese Contest*
-Second Award for Flavored Semi-Soft Cheeses
-Third Award for Flavored Semi-Soft Cheeses
-Third Award for Flavored Soft Cheeses

For 2009:
*United States Championship Cheese Contest*
-Third Award for Retail Packaging

For 2008:
*World Championship Cheese Contest*
-Best of Class for Fresh Mozzarella
-Best of Class for Smoked Cheeses
-Second Award for Feta, Flavored
-Third Award for Flavored Semi-Soft Cheeses

For 2007:
*United States Championship Cheese Contest*
-Best of Class for Open Class Flavored Soft Cheeses
-Second Award for Open Class Flavored Soft Cheeses
-Third Award for Open Class Flavored Soft Cheeses
-Third Award for String Cheese

For 2006:
*World Championship Cheese Contest*
-Second Award for Fresh Mozzarella